learning experience

I have been talking about my trip for a while,

so today, I am going to talk about my work….what I have been working on!


I am working on leisure hotel design.



It is actually more of an exterior reconstruction which I never done before…

I have to consider a lot of stuff…..

I never thought that exterior design would be this hard.

I am learning so much things by talking to constructor, my boss, and of course from internet!

It takes tons of meetings and re-drawing to design such a big space.



I had fun designing rooms, but designing exterior facade and signage and all the passage is

kind of nightmare….

Every time I talk to constructor people, they are like..


“What are you thinking!? What happens it’s snowing….raining….What about earthquake!??”


I am like….

“Aw…right. But I know YOU can make it work!!” hahaha


I wish there are no snowing, raining, or earthquake in Japan….Its just only sunny good days!!

now, I sound like crazy person. It is 2:36 in the morning.

I have my coffee right next me.



I am good to go!


I will make this hotel awesome, beautiful, and exciting place to visit!!



The last day

so, like I said in previous blog, we were at Marina.

At first, we went to restaurant call “dela rosa”

It is a cute orange restaurant right on the Chestnut St.


In side of the restaurant is really cute.

They had bunch of lighting hanging over the bar counter and table seating area.



I really loved that simple and clean look with bright orange color together.

It is comfortable space, but its stylish and modern.


After we enjoyed our lunch, we went to “Toss” right next door.

This is one of my favorite store. They had a lot of thing , like clothes to accessories to things to your apartment.

I wanted to own everything in the store. i can spend loooong time in there.

They had many colors and patterns of things in the store. These things makes me happy and excited just looking at it ♥



I bought hand bag, some clothes and neckless. I probably will looking at their web site and putting some stuff in the cart. hahaha


After the amazing shopping time,  we walked around, had coffee, and some more shopping…

The second favorite store is “Laline” .

They sell bath and body care stuff. The girl who worked there was super nice and funny.

I bought Dead sea Salt Body Scrub with nourishing oil – Cherry Blossom and Coconut Verbena

Also 2 sets of body cream and facial scrub and cream for my mom and myself.

If you haven’t use their stuff, please use it!! I is amazing!! My skin was so soft, I never ever felt like this with other product.

Needless to say, I will keep using their products! Thanks to internet technology!!


Finally, we had a dinner at sushi restaurant call “sushi in”

We ordered miso soup, spider salad, rainbow roll, caterpillar roll and dragon rolls.

It was delicious. I like to eat sushi in Japan, but I kind of like there fun rolls more….



and  we were so full, but ordered desert…..”mochi” which is ice cream cover with rice cake.



Then we headed back to the hotel, and packed massive amount of stuff we bought….



Next day, at air port, I feat so sad…I hate this feeling of leaving US.

I just wished someone to kidnap me…sounds silly, but  I was actually pretty serious!


Good by for now…..I WILL BE BACK!





walk, walk, walk and walk again

Last day in US.

We walked around the union square to find some handbags and chocolate!

At famous ghirardelli chocolate shop, we bought some gift to bring back to Japan.

Then after that, we walked to the Westfield mall  to look for travel size bags.



Because we did too much of shopping and couldn’t fit all in our suitcase….

Here is what I bought.


Baroque style Large Duffel! Isn’t this cute??

We spent quite time in the store…it was fun picking each other  different bag,

this is so you…this looks amazing on you…wait! This is the one!……


Then we left mall and headed to sushi restaurant!

We started walking like, yeah this is fun!!



and  keep going…



and more….



OMG, when this looooong hill ends…


“Wait…I see the hill top! Come  on guys!”





Yeah! We did it!!!

Then we realized that lunch time was already passed by….


Oops! ……Change in plan. Going to Marina!

We walked there. It was good long walk.



We are in Marina!!


Well, I will talk about it next time….about shopholic, over-eating, crazy girls.

Sounds interesting enough, right?


Big Day

2nd day in SF.

We went to Fisherman’s wharf  in the morning.

Walked down the street and got on to the cable car!

I was on this cute little thing last time I was here. I really liked it so

I was excited to ride again!



Even outside is not so warm yet, it is so nice to feel the wind and be able to see

people walking, buildings, and really feel the SF atmosphere.


Finally we are at fisherman’s wharf!!



We are all so excited, especially my boss who talked about clam chowder

since we started planing this trip….hahaha

so we walked around little bit and went to the restaurant.

We immediately ordered  THE BEST CLAM CHOWDER!!

It was so good! I also had salmon burger ♥


After we enjoyed our little walk, we headed back to the union square.

We visited the SFMOMA.

I love that place. It is so nice to see modern art and photos. They such a inspirational peices,

and I think that boosted up my design skill.

hahaha ♥ ♥ ♥


At night, I met my best friend from DISD.

I was soooo excited and about to cry for just excitement!

(I actually cried when I saw her at hotel lobby…!)

We couldn’t stop talking. We haven’t seen each other for 3 years.

A lot happen to my life and her life in 3 years.

It was nice to reconnect, and know that I have someone who care about me

so much.


That was probably the most exciting moments of this trip for me.

It was hard saying goodbye to her, but I promised her that I am going to come back.

Hopefully for longer stay…




good bye LA, hello SF

So we left LA and  flew out to San Francisco!


We stayed at hotel “DIVA”.

It is cool, hip boutique hotel in union square.

It was nice  to be in walking distance from major city area.


Here is some photo of facade….



I love the facade. It looked like typical SF type building – with crown molding. I mean

building right next to the hotel was almost looked same.


BUT, black and white make its huge difference.

It stands out. You can recognize this building from down the street.

And what’s amazing is that those lingerie printed roll-screens!!

It is super sexy with black and white, like you will remember this facade forever if you see it once.


I stayed in King size bedroom on the 6th floor.



It was little small, but nice room. bathroom was actually really small.


What is even better was that i had the cool meeting room across the hallway.

” The perrir room”



It was like I can feel soda, freshness and THE PERRIER.

On the TV, they played perrier tv commercial over and over again….


I really loved this room – cool theme, fun objects, bubble chair, greenness.

I would love to design something like this, the design totally devoted to one product.

I might use this idea to what I am designing…

You will soon find out what I am working on!!


The first day went well. The biggest SECOND DAY is coming….

before SF talk…..



Just in case you don’t know what I am talking about…

THEY…as the cutest creature in the world….



Yes, I am talking about Taro and Chiro.

They came to my house on new years day, and stayed with for couple of days.

Then, there were back again a week ago.


I was so excited to see them again…so I went to the store and got adorable clothe form them♥


LOOK AT THEM, and tell me what did you think.



I can almost hear that you are saying “oh~♥♥♥”

It’s a honey bee!


Because I had to work in the weekend, i took them to my office with me.

There is another cat call Cab in the office. He is my boss’s cat.

He comes to the office everyday. Here are some photo of him…



He is pretty handsome boy ♥ He loves people and he is the easiest cat to hang out.

So my boss and I wanted to see how he reacts to other cats.



Because they are pretty grow up cats, things didn’t work out between them…

But someday…. someday they gonna be BEST FRIENDS!




PDC to Rodeo dr. to some left overs….

The last day of Los Angeles stay, we went to PDC – Pacific Design Center.


It was huge! They have 120 showrooms in 12 million sq. ft. gorgeous building.

We are just looking around, getting catalogs and samples.

I wish I can have this amazing design center in my city.

That will make my life so much easier….

Here are some photos of inside….



There were some brand I already know, but there were much more I didn’ know.

They had great furniture, rugs, lightings, and especially the fabrics.

So much color and texture and pattern…I hope someday I get to use some of it!!


After exploring the design center, our feet was killing us.

So we took a lunch break cafe in the patio area and I ate a chicken wrap. Aw, it was really good.


Then we are off to the famous rodeo drive.

I felt like I am the absolute tourist, but I wanted to show my co-wokers how its different world out there.



Yes, this is it. Bunch of high end brand shops, a lot of tourist….



I didn’t buy anything there, being there was little overwhelming….

I think it’s pretty area, but totally for visitors. I couldn’t feel anything more than that…


It’s nice to visit once, and you will have enough.


we were so tired of walking around, so we went back to the hotel and ate some left overs in same room.

It was kind of funny situation, but good bonding time ♥





Day 3, we went to the west hollywood to visit furniture stores.


I really wanted to go to roche bobois.

This is my favorite furniture store in the world. They have awesome things!!

I don’t have any photo of the store, but please visit their website.


This ASTROLAB dining table is amazing. I have never seen table like this.

Both ends move automatically along with the middle wheel parts.

Website actually have the clip to show how it moves. PLEASE WATCH THE CLIP!


Of course, the modular sofa with Missoni fabric was absolutely beautiful.




I can not stop talking about how much I love their products.


We visited around 10 or more stores.

We are just walking around, and I found really cute store.



Isn’t it pretty?  It was Stalla McCartney – clothing store.



Then we walk to beverly center.


I straight went to Jimmy Choo

Don’t you love their shoes?? I was so excited to get my first pair.

I was gonna buy a pair of high heels, but instead I got a pair of sneaker.

Random. However I falling love to this sneaker.

Because it is snowing in Japan right now, I haven’t wore it yet.

I can’t wait to spring to come!


Later on, we headed back to Santa Monica, and went to P.F. Chang.

This also my favorite restaurant.

If you ever ate at P.F. Chang, you know what I ordered!



Lettuce Wrap, of course.

I can eat this thing everyday. I just love it.


It has been 2 weeks since we got back. I miss every things, time and felling of excitement.

I am counting down the days to my next trip to there. Hopefully it’s not more than 3 figures…..




We ate brunch at mosieur marcei cafe on 3rd street Promenade.

It was a cute street cafe located in the middle of the street.

I ate salmon benedict with green salad.

It was delicious!


Then we are off to the Getty Center!!

This was my second time, but I was really excited to go there again.


Here they are!



I love the location and building.

Somehow being there reminded me how much I love to be in US.

They had new exhibition call”Florence at Dawn of the Renaissance ; Painting and Illumination”

Paintings were beautiful. I love to be in the museum. It is so quiet and I can just be in my world.

They have tons of other paintings, photographs, sculpture and also decorative furniture from 1600s to 1800s.


After we looked around the arts, we went to the central garden.



It was pretty and I can just sit there hours.

I would come here every month if I live closer.

Girls were laying on the grass and doing homework, people are just taking nap on the bench…..

It was very calm and relaxing.


Then, we came back to hotel and went to shopping spree!

Anthropology,  Victoria’s Secret, Urban Outfitter, J Crew, ALDO, Kitson…….

Ah, it was just amazing ♥ Telling any girl, the word “shopping spree” you know how it goes.


After we used up all our energy, we went to California Pizza kitchen.

Look at how much we ate!!


We had Italian Chopped Salad and Moroccan-Spiced Chicken Salad for appetizer.

For the main dish, Spicy Chipotle Chicken Pizza and Five Cheese + Fresh Tomato.

Yummy ♥


DAY 2 went great!

Just writing about it makes me wanna go back there already!



The first night…

We were talking about where should we eat…


Italian…Mexican….Thai…. maybe….Pizza…..


And I remembered I found  the seafood restaurant online. (Of course, I was researching some stuff before I went there !)

I was looking through my handmade travel book to see the address….

then I look up, “there it is!!”


It was actually right across from the hotel!


So, the first night we ate at the restaurant call The Lobster.



It seemed like pretty crowded, but I went in anyway coz I really wanted to eat there.

A nice reception guy told me that there is one table open. So that if everyone was there already, I can have the table.


Then I looked back, everyone was still outside and taking pictures….

I screamed “Heeeey, you guys! There is only one table open!! Get over here!!!”

Finally, we got the table.


We were just so excited and wanted to eat everything on the menu!

But we ordered Little Gem Salad, Organic Baby Greens and 5 pounds Herb Grilled American Lobster.

And of course, Chardonnay!


OMG! It was huge! I never knew that this size lobster exist!

And it was THE BEST LOBSTER I ever had for sure ♥♥♥


In the end, check came to our table.

It was much more that we can spend in one dinner…..WHATEVER!

We had great time and the best food :)



If you ever have chance to go to Santa Monica, please eat this.

So you will know what I mean.



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