Privacy policy

1.Compliance with relevant regulations.
At Art-From Ltd., the privacy policy regarding the personal information provided by our customers adheres to all regulations and guidelines relating to personal privacy protection.
2. Collection of personal information.
Art-From Ltd. collects the minimum personal information of our customers to the extent necessary for achieving the purpose of utilization.
3. Storage and security of personal information.
Personal information is protected against unauthorized access, loss, breakage, and modification or disclosure within a secure environment.
4. Use of personal information
Art-From Ltd. shall, to the best of their ability, specify the purpose of use upon obtaining personal information.
5. Provision of personal information to a third party.
Personal information is not disclosed or provided to a third party unless customers clearly demonstrate their consent, except for the following cases; (a). Cases in which the provision of personal information is required based on laws and regulations. (b). Cases when it is necessary to cooperate with public agencies such as court and police. (c). Cases when it is required for the protection of life, health and property of either the person or the public.
6. Reference, correction, and deletion of personal information.
When the person requests reference, correction and deletion of the personal information, Art-From Ltd. will comply with the request according to the right of information subject after confirming the identification of the customer.
7. Unsubscribing from emails.
The Company will provide beneficial information through email.
If you wish to unsubscribe from the email, you may do so by informing us.
8. Revision of Privacy Policy
Art-From Ltd. may revise the contents of this privacy policy without any prior approval of the customer. The customer shall accept this revision.
By using our services after the revision, it is regarded as the customer having approved the revision.

Last update date: November 1, 2012