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Are the areas you provide services, limited to any specific locations?


Art-Form Ltd. services are provided to areas all over Japan as well as countries all over the world.
Please feel free to contact us about any specific details. (※Please note that depending on the social situations of any given country, we may not be able to accommodate your particular needs. Please feel free to contact us for further information).


This is my first consultation. Will I need to do anything prior to the consultation?


Preparation for the consultation is not entirely necessary.
At Art-Form we place much value on talking with you and sharing your vision. Please feel free to contact us.


Can you assist me in finding property?


Finding property to your specific needs is one of our areas of specialty.
Not only from the prefecture of Miyagi or Sendai city, but through our network we can also find the most appropriate place for you from all parts of Japan.


Can you help me if I am on a limited budget?


We have worked with clients with a wide variety of budget.
Please contact us without hesitation.


Consulting an “Architectural Design Office” seems on the high end for me…


Please don’t hesitant about our position title.
Art-Form Ltd. places great value on conversation and listening to your ideas first. In case of any such uncertainty, please feel free to contact us.


I feel hesitant about consulting because I’ve heard that “Architectural Design Offices” are rather expensive.


In reality, it may not be as expensive as you think.
If you have a limited budget, please tell us in advance.
We strive to make a reasonable proposal that falls within your budget.


Is it possible to ask for design exclusively?


Yes. We will be delighted to offer such needs.
Please tell us your plans and ideas about the building spaces you would like to create.

From then on we will propose a unique vision suiting “your design”.


Can I consult about property plans that are not yet under construction?


We will make our best efforts even if it is still in the planning stages.
If you can tell us about your business plans, we’ll assist you by explaining the realistic merits and demerits necessary to succeed in your business.


Aside from designing, is it possible to request a follow-up of my company’s management?


We’ll propose and advise you as much as possible.
For example, The Company can send a DM to our customers in conjunction with its opening.

About Graphic Design


Can you do a partial design of a building?


We can propose to you various plans such as a garden design and exterior designs including gate/handrail/illuminations, as well as interior designs.

We take pride in our designs in making your space more elaborate and attractive.

Q11.How do you maintain projects that are far away from your offices?

As for the maintenance, the builders will take care of that.

However, as for the equipment work, we hire local manufacturers in order to ensure swift responses.


How long does it take from the start of construction to completion?


It depends on the scale of buildings or spaces.
We’ll provide an approximate work period at the time of proposing a design.


I’m planning to engage in construction far away from Sendai city. How would you with unforeseen trouble?


To prevent this from happening, we’ll approach the construction with extreme care.
Also, by hiring local builders, we will be corresponding an effective scheme to prevent any recuperating accidents.
For any detailed information for frame work structures, please contact us.


I don’t know how to apply for a loan. Can you advise us on such matters?


We can make suggestions on how to deal with banks from our own many years of experiences, assisting you to promote appropriate business plans.


At what point do I begin being charged a fee?


In principle, expenses will begin once we draw a contract.
However, it is adjustable depending on the project or on the customer’s situation.
If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact us.


Is there a due date for payment?


Art-Form Ltd. employs a three step payment system, not a lump sum payment.

By employing this system, it will reduce your burden and enable flexible payments depending on the progress of each project.

The three steps of payment are as follows:

Art Form "Three steps of payment" for Design Projects
Art Form "Four steps of payment" for Construction Projects

Is a warranty provided or is there follow-up services for maintenance of a project?


The warranty for interior works is valid for three months after completion.

Subsequently, the builder who took charge of construction will provide follow up repairs.

In this case, support comes with an extra fee.


I’m not familiar with designing, and I am rather uncertain of imagining the finished product.


Leave it to us. We’ll submit not only the drawings for design but also perspective drawings.
A perspective drawing is a figure that describes the inside layout.
We try our best to visualize the final products in order to help you understand our proposal.


During construction, are there any problems or issues with tenants or residents in the neighborhood?


Before construction we make sure to visit neighbors achieving their understanding for any possible problems relating to the construction process.
Also, we’ll take great care during construction to help you build a good relationship with your future neighbors.


I’m thinking about reforming a hotel. Should I close my hotel during construction?


Usually, you don’t need to close all of your facilities.
We’ll divide construction into various stages, allowing you to close only the pertinent parts of your facility.Our efforts lay in proposing plans that best fit schemes which minimizes your customary business operations.

Art-Form Ltd. approaches projects with attention to finest details while attempting to provide a highly satisfying space for our clients.
If you have any additional questions or consultations, please feel free to contact us.

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