Textile designer Yumi Izawa

Staff Bio.

Graduate of Joshibi University of Art and Design & Otsuka Textile Design Institute 1974
Awatsuji Design Studio 1974
Otsuka Textile Design Institute 1979
Mutsumiya 1990
Art-Form Ltd. since 2004

Since graduation, I have mainly worked in the textile business.
I have firm fondness for textures, colors, patterns, and have an enduring affection for making things with my hands.
In Art-Form, I am in charge of fabric. My job is to find just the texture that meets the designer’s needs, recommending different kinds of styles, discussing ways of fabrication, and working closely with fabricators.
I mostly deal with curtains but always take into consideration holistic design and total coordination, such as bedspreads, bed throws, cushions, and tablecloths.

Fabrics are furnished on the stage immediately prior to the transfer.
I find my enjoyment through a sense of human warmth that inspiring a space after it is furnished.
In the office she is in charge of accounting and operation as well.My precept is to give impressions of delightfulness to customers by creating fabrics based on the requests from designers.

  • Chief Designer Shizuka Sakaida
  • Designer Fumie Asano